Young Researchers Symposium

The 4th Young Researchers Symposium on PPIs was held at the University of Leeds on the 19th of September. This symposium provides a platform for early career researchers from a broad range of backgrounds to come together, share their work and discuss the latest research on PPIs and their inhibition. The guest speakers were: Prof. Michelle Arkin – University of California, San Francisco, and Prof. Luc Brunsveld – Eindhoven University of Technology.

Som Dutt joins the project

Som Dutt

Som has recently joined the project as a Postdoctoral Research Associate, having previously worked at University of Geneva and Purdue University (USA).

Trevor Perrior joins the Management Group

Trevor Perrior

Trevor Perrior has joined the PoPPI management group as the representative of Domainex, following the departure of Eddy Littler for a new role. Trevor has worked in Senior R&D Management roles for a number of companies, and bring a heap of experience to the programme.