Notre Dame Schools visit

Andy Wilson visited Notre Dame 6th form College in Leeds and gave a talk to their lower sixth students about his career. During his visit to Notre Dame, Andy outlined the drug discovery process and explained the important role that chemists play in this process. Andy highlighted the particular challenges associated with discovering new medicines for targets such as protein-protein interactions (PPIs). And used the PoPPI protein matchmaking game to highlight the complexity of protein-protein interactions. Addressing such challenges could translate into potential treatments for major societal disease. Head of … read more >

‘Protein-Protein Interactions: the next frontier’ Webinar

The ‘Protein-Protein Interactions: the next frontier’ Webinar on 15 September 2020 brought together attendees from all over the world to celebrate the progress made in PPI Science, and discuss future challenges.   The event opened on 14 September with a series of pre-recorded talks by Professor Michelle Arkin (University of California San Francisco), Professor Luc Brunsveld (University of Eindhoven) and Professor Akane Kawamura (Newcastle University and the University of Oxford). The next day saw everyone come together for a series of live talks by Professor Adam Nelson, Dr Emily Baker and Dr Zsófi Hegedüs from the PoPPI Team, and Professor Laura Itzhaki from the University of Cambridge. A lively, interactive discussion followed.  The Webinar … read more >

Emma Cawood joins the project

Emma has recently joined the PoPPI project as a Postdoctoral Research Associate. She is working on peptide based inhibitors of protein-protein interactions.

Matt Foulkes and Sergio Celis win prizes at School of Chemistry Postdoc Conference

Congratulations to Matt and Sergio who recently won prizes for their oral and poster presentations respectively at the School of Chemistry Postdoc Conference in Leeds, December 2019. Matt received the prize of Best Oral Presentation for his talk on the “Use of a generic scaffold for inhibition of α-helix mediated protein-protein interactions”. Sergio received the prize of Best Poster Presentation for his poster on “Query-guided protein-protein interaction inhibition discovery”.

Emily Baker joins the project

Emily has recently joined the POPPI team as a Postdoctoral Researcher based in Dek Woolfson’s group at the University of Bristol, where she is working on perturbing protein-protein interactions with peptide inhibitors.