‘Protein-Protein Interactions: the next frontier’ Webinar

The ‘Protein-Protein Interactions: the next frontier’ Webinar on 15 September 2020 brought together attendees from all over the world to celebrate the progress made in PPI Science, and discuss future challenges.  

The event opened on 14 September with a series of pre-recorded talks by Professor Michelle Arkin (University of California San Francisco), Professor Luc Brunsveld (University of Eindhoven) and Professor Akane Kawamura (Newcastle University and the University of Oxford). The next day saw everyone come together for a series of live talks by Professor Adam Nelson, Dr Emily Baker and Dr Zsófi Hegedüs from the PoPPI Team, and Professor Laura Itzhaki from the University of Cambridge. A lively, interactive discussion followed. 

The Webinar closed with a plenary by Professor Paramjit Arora from NYU on ‘Rational design of PPI inhibitors, and a hesitant foray into fragment screens’. 

Chair Andrew Wilson said: ‘It was wonderful to have ~ 100 people join this webinar, celebrating progress and success stories in protein-protein interaction research and modulator discovery. Clearly there is still much to do; so it was a real pleasure was to see so many contemporaries, former colleagues and early career research who will continue to address this challenge with creativity and enthusiasm’.